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Jupiter Sun - Looking Up EPJUPITER SUN - Looking Up EP
Phase 45 - (CD) 1998


Available at: 
Phase 45 Records


Listening Station:
Honey Thief




Jupiter Sun - Atmosphere JUPITER SUN - Atmosphere
Parasol Records - CD 014 (CD) 1994

Due to overwhelming demand of atmosphere, the original print is SOLD OUT. A special release of atmosphere along with previously unreleased recordings will be made available for purchase soon.




Listening Station:

- Thoughts,

-  Inside This Room
-  Blow Up

- Zookeeper


Slumberland's - Why Popstars Don't Dance (Jupiter Sun)Various Artists - Why Popstars Can't Dance
Slumberland Records - 31 (LP2 CD) Oct 1994

-  Headlight Beam Reaction and Violet Intertwine
(Artist including: Boyracer, Stereolab, Rocketship, Ropers, Lorelei, Glo-worm, Honeybunch, Steamkings, Linda Smith, Artisans, & Jane Pow)
Available at: Slumberland

Listening Station: 
- Headlight Beam Reaction

JUPITER SUN - Jupiter Sun EP (I wish I was a Slumberland)

JUPITER SUN - Jupiter Sun EP
I Wish I Was A Slumberland Record # 004 (12") 1994


Out of print





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